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Turkey Lasagna

Turkey Lasagna from turkey leftovers or from

We promised a great turkey lasagna recipe – and here are two. Both of these recipes use leftovers. The first uses a Bolognese Sauce the second uses leftover roasted turkey.

Bolognese Sauce Turkey Lasagna

Preheat oven to 350 F.

This is simply layers of Bolognese Sauce, Lasagna Noodles, Spinach Filling, and Béchamel Sauce.

To start you make your layer ingredients.

Click here for the Bolognese Sauce recipe (you will need 2  ½  cups or a little over half of the Bolognese recipe to make the Lasagna – but make the full recipe. The rest freezes well and makes a quick meal by serving it over pasta.

Spinach Filling
½ lb. spinach
1 oz.  butter
4 oz. Ricotta
2 oz. Parmesan Cheese (grated)
1 egg
Quickly sauté spinach in the butter.   Remove and cool and chop.
Mix egg, with Ricotta and Parmesan cheese. Stir mixture into chopped spinach.
Béchamel Sauce
1 oz. butter
 1 oz. flour
8 oz. milk
Combine butter and flour in a skillet. Allow to form a blond roux. Very slowly whisk in the milk whisking out lumps as they try to form. Continue to whisk to remove any lumps and make the sauce smooth.
Boil Lasagna noodles until al dente – or check the package for timing. Ours take just 4 minutes knowing that they will finish in the oven. You can also use no-boil lasagna noodles and skip this step.
Grease an oven proof dish.
Spoon a small amount of the Bolognese Sauce over the bottom of the dish.
Place Lasagna noodles over the sauce.
Spoon a thin layer of the spinach filling over the noodles.
Spoon some of the Béchamel Sauce over the spinach.
Put the second set of noodles in the opposite direction from the first.
Continue with Bolognese, Spinach, Béchamel, Noodles until they are gone (finishing with the Spinach Béchamel on the top.
Sprinkle a bit of grated Parmesan on the top.
Place in oven and cook for 40 minutes until it is heated through.
Leftover Turkey Lasagna
A variation of this recipe works to use leftover turkey.
Instead of the Bolognese sauce, just use a regular pasta sauce.
Preheat oven to 350 F.
Make the spinach filling as above and the Béchamel Sauce as above, and the noodles as above.
Grease your oven proof dish, but layer pasta sauce, noodles, spinach filling, shredded turkey, pasta sauce, noodles (in the opposite direction), pasta sauce, spinach, shredded turkey, pasta sauce, noodles etc.
Remember that lasagna freezes well, so you might want to make more for later. You won’t feel like you are eating leftovers with either of these recipes.




It serves 4 to 6

Turkey Fryer Box

After reading the reviews we decided to get the Butterball Turkey Fryer. We couldn't wait to see if this indoor turkey fryer would provide the same results as the outdoor fryer we have used for years.

This product doesn't just fry turkeys. It can be used to deep fry just about anything. And it can be used as a steamer, or to do boils.

drain compartment

The fryer is very well designe. It has a built in compartment to house the magnetic power cord and the spout used to drain and filter the oil after you are done cooking. The connector for the power cord attaches magnetically to help prevent pulling the unit off of the counter.

There is also a removable door that exposes the spout used to drain the oil.


Control attached

control removed

To make the unit easy to clean, the heating element is easily removable, so that you can wash the rest of the unit without fear of getting the electronics wet.


waiting to frybasket

The basket that goes into the oil is turkey shaped. Which makes it easy to position the turkey so that it will be fully immersed in the oil, while using much less oil than an outdoor propane turkey fryer.


deep fried turkey

The oil takes about 30 minutes to heat, and the turkey takes between 3 to 4 minutes per pound to cook. Ther is a handle included to make it easy to lift the turkey out of the oil, hang the basket above the oil, and take a temperature using an instant read thermometer (not included.) It is just as easy to return the turkey to the oil if more cooking is necessary.


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