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Copyright © 2009 - 2015 The Perfect Turkey
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Turkey Pen

Turkey Pen and Turkey Housing

When your poults outgrow their brooders, your turkeys are going to need a turkey pen or some type of shelter for turkey housing.

Turkeys can be raised confined, or in an open yard. Housing in pens helps to protect them from the elements and from predators. Some housing is permanent and some housing is moveable, to help make the most of available pasture.

turkey pen

Even wild turkeys take shelter from hot sun, and they hide from predators.



Share your knowledge about turkey housing. Did you make it or buy it ready made? Where did you purchase it or where did you acquire the plans to build it? If the turkey housing is moveable, is electricity an issue? Please show and tell. Send us pictures of your turkey housing, and of your turkeys, and tell us what you have discovered through your experience with raising turkeys.

Turkey Pens and Housing

Tell us how you confine and shelter your turkeys. Did you build or buy your pen or shelter? Where did you find plans? What components have you found important?

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