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Our Turkey Recipes Index

We have turkey recipes scattered throughout this site.

They fit into different categories so they are sometimes hard to find without a bit of a search. We have recipes for everything from roast turkey to turkey tails, as well as for brines and rubs and sauces. As the number of recipes grew we set up this page as an index to make them easier to find.

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Brine Wet or Dry Deep Fried Turkey Recipes Turkey Burgers
Rubs, Mops, Pastes Oven Roasted Turkey High Heat Turkey Taco and Taco Seasoning
More Paste Oven Roasted Turkey Traditional Leftover Turkey Recipes
Finishing Sauces Rotisserie Turkey Dindon Sauce Ratatouille
Marinade Barbecue Turkey Spring Turkey Roulade
Simple Roast Turkey Recipe Turducken Turkey Tails
Picadillo Ground Turkey Hot Brown Turkey Sandwich Easter Turkey
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Please suggest your favorite recipes for turkey on the Internet by clicking here.

If you need recipes NOW check out those above. But if you have time to HELP PLEASE READ ON . . .

Why should there be more recipes for turkey on the Internet?

Here is what we are trying to accomplish: We don't want thousands of recipes here, we want a few excellent recipes.

We want superb representations of basic recipes that you recollect when you think of turkey. And we want the unusual, the exotic, and the extraordinary.

Our criteria is that the end result is phenomenal. Did you ever try a dish and feel that you NEED the recipe, but you doubted that the cook would share the REAL secret. Well, we are here to SHARE, and if you will too, then you and I and all who discover this site will benefit.

This page gives you links to recipes that we have on this site, it will also link to off-site recipes. But - most importantly, this is a place for YOU TO SHARE your special recipes.

If you have well tested recipes for turkey, that are paragons of the more commonly prepared dishes, or wonderfully exotic recipes not available elsewhere, PLEASE take the time to share right here. THIS WILL SAVE YOU TIME IN THE LONG RUN. You know you will be asked for the recipe, just send your guests here to get it! No writing or typing or copying, just give them YOUR LINK.


Do You Have A Great Recipe for Turkey?

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