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How to Cook the Perfect Turkey - Solving the Mystery

Serving turkey to thousands of satisfied diners made us realize just how important this special meal can be.

This realization prompted us to give out hundreds of turkeys. And because we worked with chefs and dietitians, we were able to prepare and include excellent turkey cooking instructions and side dish recipes along with the turkeys.

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Continuing The Quest

The turkeys and recommendations were appreciated and recipients brought back reports of how delicious the dinners turned out. Occasionally they shared their own tips, secrets, and family traditions. First time cooks brought back stories of how impressed their families were with their culinary creations.

I didn't realize it then, but that was the genesis of this web site. Yes, we had a very good turkey, but we wondered if and how it might be improved. We talked to chefs, dietitians, farmers, and butchers. We read a lot about turkeys, and cooked - and still cook turkeys, lots of turkeys using many different methods.

If you are about to take on the role of the cooker of the bird for the first time, relax, we have done this many times and we will stay with you until the guests arrive.

If you have cooked turkeys for decades we will share well researched and tested information from chefs, farmers, butchers, culinary studies and experimentation that may inspire you to try something new without entirely abandoning tradition. And, we would appreciate it if you would share your own turkey insights with us.

Cooking Technique Links

This site has had millions of visitors from around the world all trying to add to or to improve their turkey cooking techniques. Accomplished cooks and professional chefs visit this turkey cooking site, and sometimes share their own insights and discoveries – which we then pass on to you.

If you are cooking a whole turkey you will find information about selecting, brining, cooking, adding flavor, and carving the turkey.

But, remember also that turkey is an inexpensive, healthful, and delicious food that can be portioned into legs, wings, breast, giblets, tails, and more for use year-round.

Come, explore, join the quest, and together we will cook the perfect turkey the perfect way.


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Copyright © 2009 - 2019 The Perfect Turkey
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