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Relax and Enjoy the Proustian Phenomenon

It Makes Even Just Okay Turkey Pretty Darn Good

Proustian phenomenon is memory recall stimulated by smells - the olfactory sense. A smell brings us back to a moment in time, a feeling, an emotion.

Because a turkey is usually made for a large group of people (due to its size), its aroma and the impending celebration are linked in our memories.

The aroma in America especially evokes Thanksgiving, because that is the time that turkey has traditionally been served. But in most times and places it is associated with a gathering of friends and family for a festive occasion.

Having the aroma of a roasting turkey or the aroma of a finished turkey wafting in the air will kindle warm feelings.

Even if the turkey is just okay,” the cook can relax because the Proustian phenomena will keep everyone content.

It is partly for this reason that for traditional celebrations, side dishes shouldn't stray too far from the ones that evoke memories of the past. There are side dishes that your family and friends will anticipate.

If your family always had chestnut dressing maybe substituting oyster dressing would cause an uncomfortable jolt. The oyster dressing could be a second choice.

Or, let the guests bring the specialty side dishes.

Then you can focus on making the perfect turkey.

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