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Bone a Turkey Leg

Or Debone Turkey Leg: Just remove the bone from leg - for a small turkey roll

It is worth knowing how to bone a turkey leg.

A turkey leg is a big piece of meat. It can easily feed four, but even though it comes with a handle it can be messy passing it around the table.

This takes a little time and finesse, but can make an elegant presentation, and it is a good start to a healthy and inexpensive dinner.

This technique begins with the leg and thigh. You can buy this in a package or you can cut it yourself from a whole turkey.

Leg & Thigh
Lay the leg and thigh skin side down. There is no hurry here. Rush and it won't work as well, and you will cut yourself. The bone is round and the knife can slip. Leg & Thigh Skin Side Down
Take a sharp knife and cut down to the bone with the tip of the knife. Slowly cut the meat from the bone in the thigh. Do this down to the joint. First you will feel for the bone with the tip of the knife, and then when it is visible you will cut around it loosening it from the surrounding meat. Cutting bone from thigh

The joint is where the bone closest to the skin so again just slowly and carefully coax the meat and skin away from this joint with the tip of the knife. Try not to cut the skin, this isn't critical but the more intact the skin the better the presentation.

Continue cutting the meat along the drumstick bone. Separate the skin muscle above the bone and then you are able to see and follow the bone. Lift the bone and cut carefully cut the meat away.

When the meat is loose of the bone you will still have the tendons in the drumstick to contend with.

cutting bone from turkey leg

These can usually be removed along with the leg bone.

Turn the leg bone free of the skin as in the picture and look for the tendons still attached in the meat.

turkey leg tendons
Using your knife cut them away while they are still attached to the leg. turkey leg tendons attached to bone

Finish cutting the skin holding the bone to the meat and you have a flat piece of turkey meat that can be used for any recipe you would like including a turkey leg roll.

Just scale down any turkey roll recipe including the spring turkey roulade and make a smaller version of it. In small pieces like this it is fine to roll stuffing inside of the leg. Just be sure that the stuffing temperature reaches 165 F.

turkey leg roll










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