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Not too many years ago most of the country didn't know about the cajun turkey recipe and technique for deep frying a turkey. But in the last fifteen years it has swept the country proving itself to be one of the perfect techniques.

Until the book The Magic of Fire was published, few people remembered the technique of string roasting a turkey, but in the right hands this method creates a unique and exquisite meat.

There are groups of people who have other turkey cooking methods which should not remain secret. We have heard of and are researching Kamado cooker methods using the Big Green Egg, the sous vide method, and smokers which produce singular and superb results.

If you know of a method or technique whose time has come, this is the place to contact us and share it. This is also the place to ask questions, send comments and share your views.

To share a turkey recipe go to the end of the recipe page using the button on the left, to request the secret ingredient click on the secret ingredient button on the left.

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Copyright © 2009 - 2019 The Perfect Turkey
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