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Cooking Turkey - Convection Oven

How The Convection Oven Changes the Process

A traditional oven works with radiant heat which means that heat radiates from heating elements usually located in the top and bottom of the oven. This radiant heat can cause hotter and cooler areas within the oven.

There is some convection that occurs in a traditional oven as warmer air moves to cooler areas.

A convection oven uses a fan to circulate the air around the interior of the oven more quickly evening out the hot and cold spots and surrounding your turkey with more evenly and more forcefully blowing hot air. This cuts the cooking time significantly. While this dries the surface of the turkey (the skin) it does not dry the turkey meat unless you overcook your bird.

When cooking your turkey in a convection oven, you have the choice of reducing the cooking time or reducing the cooking temperature.  You should consult your oven user’s guide for information about adjusting times and temperatures.

You may start your cooking at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes to quickly sear the outside of your turkey and then reduce the heat to 325 degrees to finish cooking, but 325 degrees F throughout the roasting process works as well.  Again, check your oven’s user’s guide and check the internal temperature of the turkey to determine when it is done.


Convection Oven Tips

  • Adjust the time and temperature as required for convection cooking

  • Place the turkey so that there is a minimum of 2 inches of space around the bird

  • Place the turkey on a v-rack in the roasting pan - this is always a good idea but is especially important for convection cooking so that air is able to circulate under and around the turkey.

  • If you don't have a roasting pan with a v-rack use a rack with a shallow pan so that air can reach all parts of your turkey

  • Add liquid to the roasting pan for example chicken stock or water to help keep the juices from burning onto the pan

  • Do not cover oven shelves with aluminum foil - this can obstruct air flow

  • Do not cover the turkey with aluminum foil - this keeps moving air from easily reaching the turkey

  • Do not open the oven door more than necessary

  • There is no need to baste a turkey

  • There should be no need to turn the turkey because it is surrounded by even heat

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