Getchel Gardens

by Karen

Bourbon Reds on the porch

Bourbon Reds on the porch

We live on a small farm in Alabama, and this year spring we decided to start raising chickens. That went pretty well, and so this summer we decided to give Turkeys a try also. All of my turkeys came from people just like me on Craigs list. One man had pens all over his yard with different fowl, we obtained three home-crossed Cornish chicks to go with the two turkey babies I purchased. We kept them in a box in our bathroom, until the turkey's started getting out on a regular basis. (they are Eastern Wild turkeys)

The next purchase was from a lady who also hatched the turkeys herself. They are 5 Bourbon Reds. They came with a turken who was their surrogate mother.

My last purchase just a few days ago was from another guy who had chickens running around everywhere. I think he said he purchased them from a hatchery, or hatched them himself, I don't remember. But these were more Eastern Wilds, one Bronze and one Spanish Black. The first day I let them out they had the problem of wandering to the back of the pasture, now they stay with everyone else.

The Bourbon Reds are the oldest ones we have and we got the chance to see them learn to gobble and strut their stuff. They are very friendly.

We have three coops that they share with the chickens.

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