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How To Raise Turkeys

How to Raise Turkeys: The Overview

There is a great deal of excellent information about how to raise turkeys on the Internet. Universities and government agencies have done research and provided much information for free. The only problem is that many of the links to this information are broken as web site pages are renamed or in some cases are removed. If you ever find a broken link on this page please let us know by using the contact us button to the left and we will try to re-find the article and fix the page immediately.

If you have discovered other resources that you find valuable please tell us about them too so that we might add them to our list.

Here Are The Links!

The following web sites and articles provide an overview of how to raise turkeys (come back soon there will be more).

Here is an invaluable resource from The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. This 13 chapter book in PDF format is over 100 pages. Titled ALBC Turkey Manual - How to Raise Heritage Turkeys on Pasture, this is worth printing out or buying printed from their online store. http://www.albc-usa.org/EducationalResources/turkeys.html

Defra is a UK government department. It stands for Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. They have published animal welfare recommendations for turkeys and have many good general recommendations.

Another interesting publication from Defra is The UK Turkey and Geese Production Industry: A Short Study. This 46 page pamphlet profiles turkey production in the UK.

The National Turkey Federation has published a 57 page manual Animal Care Guidelines for the Production of Turkeys:

The Texas Agricultural Extension Service published a 4 page quick overview Producing Turkeys for Show:

If you would like to share your story about how you raise turkeys, you can do it with the form at the bottom of this page. You can also send pictures. If you have feedback and pictures on specific topics including breed selection, obtaining baby turkeys, brooding, housing and pens, feeding, when things go wrong, and butchering please use the forms on those pages.

Thank you for your information. Use the form below to relate your story.

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