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Indoor Deep Fried Turkey

????:Using the Indoor Deep Fryer

???? Please read about deep fried turkey. Using the BB turkey fryer is easy. We recommend dry brining your turkey for more crispy skin, but if you don't care about the skin a wet brine works well.

Let's look at the fryer.

Turkey Fryer Box

After reading the reviews we decided to get the Butterball Turkey Fryer. We couldn't wait to see if this indoor turkey fryer would provide the same results as the outdoor fryer we have used for years.

This product doesn't just fry turkeys. It can be used to deep fry just about anything. And it can be used as a steamer, or to do boils.

drain compartment

The fryer is very well designe. It has a built in compartment to house the magnetic power cord and the spout used to drain and filter the oil after you are done cooking. The connector for the power cord attaches magnetically to help prevent pulling the unit off of the counter.

There is also a removable door that exposes the spout used to drain the oil.


Control attached

control removed

To make the unit easy to clean, the heating element is easily removable, so that you can wash the rest of the unit without fear of getting the electronics wet.


waiting to frybasket

The basket that goes into the oil is turkey shaped. Which makes it easy to position the turkey so that it will be fully immersed in the oil, while using much less oil than an outdoor propane turkey fryer.


deep fried turkey

The oil takes about 30 minutes to heat, and the turkey takes between 3 to 4 minutes per pound to cook. Ther is a handle included to make it easy to lift the turkey out of the oil, hang the basket above the oil, and take a temperature using an instant read thermometer (not included.) It is just as easy to return the turkey to the oil if more cooking is necessary.


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