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Money Saving Turkey Can Still Win Taste Tests

It Can Still Win the Taste Test

If you are on a budget money saving turkeys will help you to celebrate year round. We didn't expect to find this when we started our research, but it turns out that Butterball turkeys do surprisingly well in blind taste tests as reported by Slate, The Washington Post, and Cooks Illustrated, among others.

Much of the results of taste tests are the result of individual tastes of individual tasters. Past exposure to a food can lead us to expect certain flavors, textures, and nuances. If the food we are now eating veers from our expectation it will have to be evaluated differently. Some tasters prefer a good grocery store turkey and others prefer heritage or even wild turkey.

In addition to the Butterball being bred to mature early and to produce more breast meat, it has also been enhanced to add flavor and tenderness with a proprietary process tested with consumers. You can save money by buying a commercial turkey and it will be tasty.

At some times of the year, these commercial industrial turkeys may be all that is available.

Other turkeys, including free range, organic, and heritage turkeys are more expensive and differ in flavor and texture. This can be a wonderful thing, and it has led them to win taste tests as well.

One element that has often been ignored in taste tests is that many heritage turkey advocates don't believe in brining. So in many of the taste tests a brined bird is compared to an unbrined bird. And a brined turkey, even if it is mass produced commercial one, often wins the taste test when it is compared to an unbrined turkey.

When you want to splurge, protect a breed from extinction and enjoy a wonderful turkey, consider having a heritage turkey if you can get one. If you want a more traditional approach, try a pastured or organic broad breasted turkey from a local farm or butcher. If you get your turkey locally you will save a lot in shipping costs.

But even a money saving turkey from your local grocery store prepared correctly can be the perfect focal point of a memorable celebration.

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