New to midget white turkeys update 1

by Jim
(eastern washington)

side of house (plastic on top to keep out snow in winter)

side of house (plastic on top to keep out snow in winter)

I finally got some pictures of the turkey house that I made for my two birds.

The other picture is of my grandson and the turkeys just before Thanksgiving, no we did not eat them, But we did have a nice Royal Palm tom (15.6 lbs) for Thanksgiving.

Also learned from a local breeder that giving the turkeys a whole grain (I choice red wheat) before roost time that it will help them keep warm on the cold winter nights we have here in eastern Washington. I also give them some half cut alfalfa (more leaves per bail) to scratch through and keep the from getting bored.

Also remember to keep the floor of the house dry and some bedding (I prefer straw) to keep their feet dry in the wet weather. More updates to follow as time permits.

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