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by: Neil

I use 2 strands of electric fencer wire around my 1000 feet of chicken wire pen, and to protect my corn patch .

The first strand is inches off the ground, the second 10 inches approx .

Once the raccoons get a taste of that taser-like shock, they never come back.

Electric fencers are very cheap to set up if you make your own stakes and buy cheap insulators.

-Neil from Nova Scotia

dang coons
by: kerry

I buy turkeys every year and every year they either die for some weird reason or coons get them.

I think I figured out why they died in the past now how can I keep those nasty coons from them.

There pen is a fortress and they keep figuring new ways to get them.Today I put more chicken wire around it and doubled the wire under it.A coon can pull a nice turkey right threw one inch wire no problem at all.I'm ready for a booby-trap or two.

Any comments sure would help.
Thank Kerry

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