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Raising Turkeys

Are You Raising Turkeys On A Small Scale?

Raising turkeys takes planning, but can be very rewarding.

Without small flock turkey farming, more breeds would become extinct, and the option to know what natural turkeys were like in the past could be lost to all of us forever.

The breeds, the feed, the care, and the freedom in raising them makes these birds special. And we know that it is much more expensive and demanding to raise turkeys naturally and ethically on a small scale.

If you are raising these birds for the first time, or again after several years, you have stories and pictures. We know. We have talked to some of you and heard about your trials and triumphs, and we have seen some of your pictures.

The links below lead to pages with much information about raising turkeys, and we are sure you will find them useful. Before you click away, I would like to ask a favor.

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Please consider telling your story here. Let us and others know information such as the following: How long you have raised turkeys? Where do you obtain your poults? What breeds do you raise? Why did you choose them? What feed do you use? What steps do you take to prevent and overcome disease problems? How do you protect your birds from predation? How do you market extra turkeys? And especially, tell us the stories that unfold while raising them. Oh, and send pictures!

Each of the links below will take you to information on a specific topic, and it will be followed by a simple form for you to leave feedback. We will continue to look for great information about raising these birds, and we hope that you will make it even better by sharing your stories.

Your information can help others who raise turkeys, inspire those who might consider the endeavor, and educate those who might not fully understand and appreciate the service that you are providing.

Do come back often as the list of topics will continue to grow. For information on each of the topics or to share your experience, please click the links below.

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