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Roast Turkey Recipes

Roast Turkey Recipes: Three Alternatives


Although there are countless recipes calling for numerous cooking techniques, roast turkey recipes are still among the most popular. Here are several tested methods. If you have a favorite that we have missed please send it to us here.

Traditional 325 (163 celsius)

When you buy a turkey you will often find a recipe on the packaging telling you how to cook a turkey. These turkey cooking instructions will invariably be for a roasted turkey. The traditional oven temperature for cooking turkey for some unknown reason is 325 degrees F. (173 degrees celsius). This temperature works fine but it takes longer than a higher heat method. If you don't have a good ventilation system for your kitchen this 325 degree F. (173 degrees celsius) method may be your best bet.

High Heat 2 Hour Turkey

If you have a good ventilation system this recipe will cook turkey much faster. Less time in the oven, less time to dry out. This method dose produce more of a mess if you don't have a good ventilation system and we do suggest turning the hot turkey over one time from breast down to breast up. If that doesn't sound like a struggle you wish to take, the 325 F. (173 celsius )method is a good alternative.

Outdoor Roast Turkey

Another alternative is to roast turkey outdoors. This is sometimes called hot smoked turkey or barbecued turkey. There are many reasons to use this method when the weather cooperates. You don't have to worry about ventilating your kitchen when you are outdoors, your oven is free for other dishes, and you can impart a smoky flavor that isn't possible in traditional kitchen ovens.

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