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Subtle Flavor?

That's Not a Bad Thing

Partly because it is low in fat, turkey has a subtle flavor. We can take advantage of that.

One of the reasons that a Thanksgiving feast is built around a turkey is because its flavor won't overpower all the other flavors. Turkey's restrained flavor gives us choices. We can enhance the turkey's natural flavor or we can allow flavorful side dishes to dominate. Or, we can do both – balancing and complementing the flavor of the turkey with the flavor and nature of the side dishes.

In any case, we can assure tender, juiciness by selecting a quality turkey and brining it before cooking.

For a large celebratory meal with lots of side dishes, many prefer that turkey maintain its polite flavor.

At a typical Thanksgiving celebration, the side dishes are often the most anticipated and memorable. They are the keepers of family traditions. The turkey's job is to support these dishes. A properly prepared turkey will do this while actually enhancing the other dishes.

For other occasions, a turkey exploding with flavor is just right. For example, barbecuing a turkey can produce earthy, smoky flavors and incredible results. Enhancing a turkey with marinades, rubs or sauces can bring together a wonderful balance and interplay of heat and sweet with sour, bitter and salt. And, a well-spiced deep fried turkey (Cajun style) can be truly amazing and unforgettable. In these instances, the side dishes can be simple.

So, select a quality turkey, brine it, cook it well and serve complementary sides dishes that balance the flavors of the feast. The time will be truly memorable.

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