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Thaw Turkey the No Thaw Way

Thaw Turkey: Frozen to Oven - How Easy Can It Get?

This is how to thaw turkey without bothering to thaw it.

The process is almost as easy as placing a frozen turkey in the oven and roasting it.

Some turkeys are actually sold specifically to go from freezer to oven. They are pre-seasoned, the giblets may have been removed, and they may be pre-stuffed. If you purchase one of these turkeys, read the instructions that come with them.

But, all turkeys can go from freezer to oven.
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Cooking from frozen is easy. The only problem is that you have to remove the turkey part way through the cooking process to remove the giblets from the neck and body cavity, and to add seasoning to the turkey if it is not pre-seasoned.

Just keep an eye on the turkey and carefully remove it when the meat is soft enough to remove the giblets.

This method is ONLY for ROASTING at 325 F. - never grill or deep fry or use the high heat method for a frozen bird.

To use this method of cooking to thaw turkey, simply place the frozen turkey in the oven at 325 degrees F. on a rack over a roasting pan. Take the amount of time the turkey would usually take to cook and add an extra fifty percent. If a turkey was to take four hours if thawed, it will take about six hours if cooked from the frozen state.

This is safe because the turkey temperature is moving quickly up through and out of the temperature danger zone.

Cooking a turkey from frozen is actually one of the recommended methods for preventing the breast from drying out. Because the legs are smaller they thaw and cook first. The breast takes longer to thaw, so it begins cooking later. It has a similar effect as icing the breast prior to cooking to make the breast and legs cook at closer to the same rate.

Because cooking from frozen adds yet another level of complexity to estimating how long the cooking will take, we again strongly suggest using an instant read thermometer to determine when the turkey is done cooking. But the table below will give you an idea.

Thaw Turkey Without Thawing

Weight in lbs.

8 12 14 18 20 24
Time in hours unstuffed FROZEN 4.25 4.5 5.30 6.30 6.45 7.5

Time in hours if stuffed FROZEN



6 6.5 7 8

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