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No Thaw Turkey!

No Thaw Turkey: Frozen to Oven - how easy can it get?

One of our readers gave us the following information about a no thaw turkey that Butterball puts out. The turkey is prestuffed and even comes with gravy.

Our reader from Alberta Canada shares:

In response to your request for feedback on cooking turkey from frozen - I have only ever cooked turkey since I found the butterball already stuffed, cooked from frozen turkeys.  

It is a real lazy way but the only way there will ever be turkey in my house. The traditional way is too much work.  

I've had the old fashion thaw, clean, stuff, and roast at my mom's, grandmothers, and various other places and the frozen one is tied for first place!  I kid you not! So I see no need for any extra energy spent on the project.

I spend a whole 8 minutes on prep - and I always roast the entire turkey, the entire time breast down - I simply place it on one of those turkey/chicken rack thingy's so it's easy to remove from the roaster, I butter and oil the top - which would be the back, foil over the top of the roaster, leave the door shut the entire time- 25 minutes per lb - broil to brown a few minutes before I take it out and tenderly tear it to pieces with tongs onto a serving platter.  

I suppose this kills the effect of carving the turkey, BUT the breast is never dry cause all the juices run into it and it's always well done cause it's near the heat source, all the meat is fall off the bone done, I actually get compliments on the stuffing, and the whole thing smells so good and tastes so good nobody seems to care what it looks like post tearing session!  

I'm sure this breaks all the rules of cooking, but try it, if it didn't work, I'd be doing it differently.  I came to the web site by the way to see how roasting at 350 instead of 325 would affect the cooking time.....I told you I'm not a cook! But when it comes to turkey, I've got everyone fooled!

This is one we are going to try. If you have tried this turkey or any other that you find especially good or not so good - please let us know so we might share.

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