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Turkey Facts

Turkey Facts and Turkey Trivia

June is Turkey Lovers Month.

Wild turkeys can walk almost as soon as they hatch and they can fly at two weeks of age.

The turkeys crop is also called the craw. When turkeys feed they swallow lots of food which is stored in their crop. They then go to a safe place to loaf and process the food.

The turkey's crop expands as it is filled which is probably why in The Practical Housekeeper: An Cyclopedia of Domestic Economy (written in 1857), Mrs. Elizabeth Fries Ellet explained how to make balloons from turkey's crops.

Turkeys don't have teeth, but they grind their food (even hard seeds and nuts like acorns) in their second stomach, the gizzard. This is the muscular stomach below the crop which is the glandular stomach. Look for the gizzard in the giblet bag.

Turkeys and American Thanksgiving are so interrelated that Thanksgiving is often called Turkey Day.

1621 - When Pilgrims celebrated their thanksgiving feast they ate unspecified fowl, maybe turkey. The Wampanoag tribe participated in this three day celebration.

1789 - George Washington proclaimed that a day of Thanksgiving be celebrated on November 26 of that year.

1863 - Abraham Lincoln called for a day of Thanksgiving to be observed as a national holiday.

Thanksgiving in the US is the fourth Thursday of November, in Canada it is the second Monday of October.

2007 - Hunters who are tired of picking shot from their turkeys will soon be able to season the bird when they shoot it using shotgun shells filled with seasoning. It is called Season Shot - Ammo with Flavor.

A power plant in Benson Minn uses turkey poop for fuel to produce electricity. The plant was built by Fibrowatt and it is the first in the country to use animal litter for fuel.

For more turkey trivia and facts try the turkey quiz.

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