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Turkey Feed

Turkey Feed and Water

Turkey Feed

A lot of research goes into turkey feed, so when you are starting out it is useful to take advantage of that research and expertise. Find a local feed supplier and listen to their recommendations. Choose a reputable brand of feed and follow the directions for that particular brand.

Usually turkeys do well with several different feeds, depending on their stage of development. Poults are often started off with a turkey starting mash. It is high in protein because poults grow quickly and are not eating too much.

Poults sometimes need help learning to eat, partly because their eyesight has not developed. One recommendation is to keep their food well lit and place some shiny objects, such as large marbles, in the food.

As poults grow and reach 8 weeks of age, they are changed to a grower diet, and later changed to a finishing diet. Some poultry feeding programs change the feed up to five or six times during the turkeys life, so again follow the directions of the feed you are using.

Some feeds contain medication to help to prevent certain diseases. When using these feeds, it is important that you withdraw them, as recommended, before dressing the bird. There will be information on the feed tag about the timing for withdrawing this feed.

If you are feeding grain, or if your turkeys have access to grain or high fiber foods, it is important to also give them access to granite grit to help them to break down grain and fiber. Also, if your turkeys are laying, they need a feed with calcium in it.

We recommended earlier that you download this free publication. If you are raising free range turkeys, an especially useful chapter is the one on feeding: http://www.albc-usa.org/documents/turkeymanual/ALBCturkey-4.pdf

Water for Your Turkeys

It was mentioned above that poults sometimes have trouble finding their food. They also can have trouble finding their water and learning to drink it. It may help to dip their beaks into the water.

Turkeys need a constant clean supply of clean water. Talk with your feed store for recommendations on vitamins or probiotics to add to the water.

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