Turkey Pen Dilemma

by Ruthy
(Catskill Mountains of New York)

We had our turkeys in the coop(5x8) with the chickens but as they got older they were just too overcrowded. You should have heard the racket coming from the coop in the evening when everyone tried to roost!

Knowing we would be getting more poults, we just finally broke down and bought a 10X12 barn/shed just for them.We could have built one but sometimes its nice to have a luxury.

I have a feeling the chickens will try to take it over but at least there will be room for all. We plan to put shelves lengthwise on both walls of the shed for plenty of roosting.

They free range year round if possible. Most winters we keep them in the fenced run.

One year we had 6 turkeys who insisted on roosting on our deck and in the trees. We lost quite a few to predators that year.I highly recommend keeping them cooped up in a fenced area the first 6 months to avoid this problem. Its not a guarantee but it has worked for us.They will roost at night in the coop.

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