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Turkey Poults

Turkey Poults: Where to Get Them

Now that you have decided what type of turkeys to raise, you need to get your turkey poults, your eggs, or your breeding stock.

Turkeys are usually started from day old poults, or started poults. You can start turkeys from eggs if you have an incubator. Part of the definition of heritage turkeys is that they breed naturally, this is also true of many mixed breed turkeys. So with many breeds and varieties, you can start with a breeding pair. But for your first turkeys, it is often better and more economical to start with poults.

When deciding where to get your poults, remember that it is usually a good idea to get recommendations from your state poultry specialist or your county Agricultural Extension agent. You can also get recommendations from others in your area who are raising or who have raised turkeys.

It can be a good idea to obtain your turkeys locally to reduce the stress of shipping over a long distance, but there are experienced suppliers who are knowledgeable about packing and shipping birds.

When selecting a source don't be afraid to ask questions. You have a right t know such things as: if the United States based supplier is a member of NPIP (a program designed to helps prevent poultry diseases): and, if their breeder flocks are free from a history of Sinusitis or air sac infection.

If you decide to go with a local breeder you may wish to visit the farm to see how their birds are cared for.

Links to Sellers

The following list is posted without recommendation. It is only a listing of suppliers on the internet and we have not done business with any of them. If you have done business with any of these suppliers and would like to comment on them, or if you have additional suppliers that you would like to add to the list, especially with recommendations, please use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know.

If you sell turkeys, poults, or fertilized eggs, please use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know about your birds. We will be glad to add you to the list.






Now it is your turn! Tell us where you get your poults. Did you select day old poults? started poults? eggs? or do you have your own flock of natural breeding turkeys? Tell us about good and not so good experiences with live bird suppliers. How did you find them. How would you describe your purchasing experience? Would you recommend your supplier to others? And don't forget to show off your pictures!

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