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Char sui turkey tails

1 package turkey tails 2 Tablespoon Salt 6 cups water 1 bottle Chinese char sui sauce (I prefer Mid Pac made in Hawaii brand) Place turkey tails in a large

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The Perfect Turkey - How to Cook a Turkey

The Perfect Turkey! How to cook a turkey the perfect way. Tips, techniques, and recipes, to make your turkey unforgettable!

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New to midget white turkeys update 1

I finally got some pictures of the turkey house that I made for my two birds. The other picture is of my grandson and the turkeys just before Thanksgiving,

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New to raising Midget Whites.

So in the spring of 2013 I convinced my wife and parents that we should raise some heritage turkeys for thanksgiving and for some during the rest of the

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Monte Cristo

This is the recipe for the Monte Cristo, a sandwich make to use turkey and ham. Great for transforming leftovers.

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Turkey Lasagna

Here are two ways to make turkey lasagna. One uses a bolognese sauce made from turkey, the other uses leftover turkey in a way that will make you look forward to eating leftovers.

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