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Unwriteable Ground Turkey Recipe

Google Has Over 1 BILLION Written Recipes - This Is The One That Can't Be Written!

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This unwriteable ground turkey recipe can't be recorded because it is yours, and it is not only based on what you like, and what your family and guests prefer, but also on what you have on hand at any given time. This personalized approach to creative recipe development is based on the methods at BestCookingTime.com.

BestCookingTime.com Method

Don't discount this page. This Unwriteable Ground Turkey Recipe contains a lot more information than might appear at first glance. It isn't long, but it has condensed information from over 28,000 recipes so that you can create ground turkey recipes to your own taste and for your unique occasion. From tips, to how long to cook, to what to add, to classic recipe titles this page will introduce you to combinations that you may never have considered. If you would like to look at other foods with this method applied or for more bestcookingtime.com information check out this site: CLICK HERE

Ground Turkey Tips

Ground turkey can be somewhat fatty if it includes skin and dark meat, but it is lean if it is mostly white meat.

It generally holds together better than ground chicken so it makes better meatballs. It absorbs the flavor of other ingredients well.

Extra moisture can be added by combining wet ingredients during the shaping process - for example, adding ricotta not only binds ingredients, it carries added herbs and spices very well.. Also, moisture can be added through the liquids used to cook it. Although referred to as “ground turkey”at the market, you can make it at home by “grinding” the turkey using a food processor.

How Long to Cook Ground Turkey

For safety reasons, ground turkey should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 F. . The chart below gives approximate cooking times for planning purposes, but your thermometer will tell you when it is safe and done.

Ground Turkey Cooking Times


Unformed (crumbled) ground turkey Saute (broken up with wooden spoon)
eg. for "Sloppy Joe", Taco, to add to meat sauce, chili, meat pies etc.

Saute high heat 2 - 3 min.; or medium high heat 4 - 5 min. (till all pink is gone and meat registers 160 F. - then simmer in sauce for 1 min. or incorporate into another dish until done.
Meatballs Shallow Frying 1 1/2 inch meatballs in 1/4 inch oil for about 10 min. turning to brown all sides to 160 F. then simmer in sauce 5 min.
Bake 350 F for 30 min. to 160 F. then simmer in sauce 5 min.
Burger Fry 10 - 15 min. turning once to 160 F.
Bake 400 F 20 - 30 min. depending on size - to 160 F. - turn for even cooking
Turkey Loaf


Bake 60 min. to 160 F. - rest 10 min.
Microwave 15 min. to 160 F. - rest 10 min.


Ground turkey must be cooked until it is well done. It should be opaque and show no pinkness. The temperature of the final product should be at least 160 F. This temperature can be taken by piling up loose ground turkey to one side of a skillet.  If the turkey has been formed into a ball, burger, or loaf the temperature should be taken in the middle of the thickest part of the product.

Flavors That Go

The list which follows is the part of the bestcookingtime.com method that is meant to be your muse. Over 28,000 recipes are in our current database. We run a query and find the ingredients that are commonly used with the target food, in this case with “ground turkey.” Read through the list of ingredients and make a decision. Think about what you have on hand, think about which ingredients you and your family enjoy, and consider how you could combine some of these along with a cooking method to create your own recipe. For more information about using this list check out www.bestcookingtime.com .

Classic Recipes

Still not sure what to make? Check out the list of classic dishes made with ground turkey. We list the recipe titles, and we may occasionally give some recipe ideas. These titles are there as additional inspiration and because they are classics it is easy to see how others have put these ingredients together (Google has over a billion recipes.) But think about using these as a jumping off place, rework them with cooking methods and ingredients listed or come up with more on your own. And when you come up with a winning combination please let us know so that we might share it with others.

Flavors That Go

all-purpose flour
bay leaf
bread crumbs
cayenne pepper
celery ribs
chicken broth
chicken stock
chili powder
chili sauce
chopped celery
chopped fresh parsley
chopped green onions
cooked brown rice
crushed red pepper flakes
Dijon mustard
dried Italian seasoning
dried oregano
dry red wine
dry white wine
egg white
extra-virgin olive oil
freshly-ground black pepper
garlic cloves
ginger root
grated Parmesan cheese
green bell pepper
grill seasoning blend
ground beef
ground cumin
Italian seasoning
Kaiser rolls
lime juice
minced ginger
nonstick cooking spray
olive oil
ricotta cheese
red bell pepper
red onion
red wine vinegar
skim milk
sour cream
soy sauce
tomato paste
vegetable oil
Worcestershire sauce

Classic Recipe Titles Using Ground Turkey

Turkey Burger
Turkey Chili
Rolls (Cabbage - Grape Leaf)
Ground Turkey With Pasta (Noodle - Manicotti)
Savory Pies
Turkey Loaf



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