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Wine Turkey Pairing - What Wine Goes With Turkey?

Wine with Turkey - A Difficult Pairing?

Wine, turkey, is it possible to select a wine to go with turkey when a turkey can present itself in so many guises? A roast turkey is different than a smoked turkey which is not the same as a deep fried turkey.

And the transformation of turkey parts into stir frys, soups, casseroles, and burritos makes pairing a wine with a turkey very tricky.

We have to consider the blend of tastes that make up the meal surrounding the turkey.

Wine Rack

A Thanksgiving dinner for example starts with turkey as a centerpiece but then adds other meat, maybe fish, cheese; sweet, savory, sour, and creamy side dishes.

What we need is wine that goes with everything.

Enter one popular Thanksgiving wine, Beaujolais nouveau.

This wine has an official release day on the third Thursday of November exactly one week before American Thanksgiving. But that isn't the reason to choose this wine for your celebration.

Beaujolais nouveau is the wine of this season's harvest. It was probably still on the vine in the form of Gamay grapes just two months ago.

David Rosengarten, who helped change the way many of us though about wine with his book: Red Wine With Fish: The New Art of Matching Wine With Food, explained why Beaujolais nouveau goes with everything. He referred to it as "the most flexible wine in the world", asking "what would taste bad with grapes, and what would make grapes taste bad?"

So Beaujolais nouveau works. It can make a great wine turkey combination.

What other wines work with turkey?

Choose other wines that go with lots of dishes. For red wines consider: Shiraz or Syrah, Rioja, Barbera, Chianti, and Zinfandel.

For white wine drinkers put Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc on your list.

And remember that Sparkling Wine and Champagne also go with just about everything.

For autumn and winter turkey dinners, apple cider - soft or hard - is a great accompaniment.

For a warm weather turkey barbecue, beer and sweet tea are great picks.


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